The Ethics Commission celebrated Veterans Day

In many places November 11th is commemorated as Veterans Day, which has been seen as a tribute to victims of war since the First World War. In the Czech Republic the main commemorative ceremony was held at the Court of Honour in the National Cenotaph at Vítkov, attended by the Minister of Defence, Vlastimil Picek, the Archbishop of Prague and Primate of the Czech Republic, Cardinal Dominik Duka, the chairman of the Senate, Milan Štěch, Head of the Government Office, Radek Augustin, mayors of city districts, representatives of organisations of war veterans and other guests.

On behalf of the Ethics Committee of the Czech Republic for recognition of participants in anti-communist opposition and resistance, the ceremony was attended by its Chairperson, Jiří Kaucký and Mr. Miroslav Nerad, who then laid a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in the area below the equestrian statue of Jan Žižka of Trocnov.

Published: 02.01.2014

The Ethics Commission celebrated the Day of Struggle for Freedom and Democracy

Etická komise uctila Den boje za svobodu a demokracii, věnec položili Mgr. Kaucký a PhDr. Tomek Pan Nerad u Pomníku obětí komunismu Modlitbu přednesl evangelický farář Miloš Rejchrt Památník obětí komunismu Položení kytice na Václavském náměstí Pomník Jana Palacha a Jana Zajíce

On 17 November 2013, members of the Ethics Commission of the Czech Republic, together with representatives of the Confederation of Political Prisoners, commemorated the Day of Struggle for Freedom and Democracy and laid wreaths in honour of the memory of victims of the totalitarian regime at the Victims of Communism monument in Újezd and, subsequently, also on Wencelas Square.

The event was attended, on behalf of the Ethics Commission of the Czech Republic, by its Chair, Mgr. Jiří Kaucký, Vice-Chair PhDr. Prokop Tomek, Ph.D., prof. PhDr. Jan Sokol, CSc., Ph.D., pan Miloslav Nerad and Mgr. Miloš Rejchrt, who delivered a short prayer by Jan Amos Komenský in honour of the occasion.

Published: 02.01.2014

Unveiling of the monument to victims of the Iron Curtain in Slovakia

Slavnostní odhalování památníku, zprava: Pavol Frešo, Anton Srholec, akad. soch, Juraj Čutek, Ondrej Krajňák Právě odhalený památník obětem železné opony, autor: akad. soch. Juraj Čutek Pavol Frešo a Anton Srholec obdivují památník

Bratislava, Slovakia - Staff of the secretariat of the Ethics Commission of the Czech Republic for recognition of participants in anti-communist opposition and resistance, took part in a visit to the Institute of National Remembrance (ÚPN) in Bratislava on November 14th and 15th.

In addition to working meetings with representatives of the ÚPN concerning compliance with the Czech and Slovak legislation on honouring participants in anti-communist resistance, the secretariat staff attended the ceremonial unveiling of a monument to 42 victims of the Iron Curtain, killed near the Austrian-Slovak border, unveiled by the Chairman of the Bratislava Region, Pavol Frešo, Chairman of the Slovak Confederation of Political Prisoners, Father Anton Srholec and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the ÚPN Ondrej Krajňák. In addition to the names of the victims, the monument also includes a brief description of the tragic end to their dreams of freedom.

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Published: 02.01.2014